HFY/Pandora’s Planet

They couldn’t understand how our brains functioned. We still had very little idea ourselves, but humanity exploded into galactic society like a saltatory signal down a nerve. Chemical clusters, house sized colony pheromones and various other biologies couldn’t keep up with this minuscule exotic monkey mind and its intuitive leaps.

A paranoid, jealous sub-alliance gunned for Earth, only to find their best weapons had been replicated, studied and stymied.

Humanity was out of the box.


This was brought to you by my promise to be more upbeat and the letters H, F, and Y.

For anyone not in the know, Humanity, Fuck Yeah! is a (sub)genre of scifi stories which focus on humanity being amazing. It’s nice contrast to the common trope of humans being the “default” generalists and alien races specialising in some way.

I’m not sure how well this works as a story, it’s too far out in perspective. It would be better to have zoomed in to a local level, have actual characters and so on.


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